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Who we are


Image by Rohit Tandon

Boutinot Atlantic is an import agency located in Atlantic Canada with decades of sales and marketing experience. Founded in 2018, we have a focused and refined portfolio of wine, spirits and beer from suppliers around the world.

A combined 40 years of hands-on experience in the alcohol industry, our Atlantic Canada sales and marketing team works with the support of one of the most respected distributors in the global alcohol business, Boutinot Ltd., located in the UK. We share a love of wine and spirits, we are experts in our market and we are continuously working hard with our supplier partners around the world to bring Atlantic Canada customers both classic and innovative products.

We understand our marketplace and have developed very positive business relationships with all of the provincial liquor boards, our independent store buyers and our restaurant partners. We believe in sustainability which encompasses our suppliers being responsible for repurposing efforts (including recycling, sourcing alternative energy, reducing plastics, supporting local economy, and conscious ingredient sourcing and use).

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