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Villa Montecastello

Traveling the hidden roads of agricultural Italy, Jens Schmidt searches for the most stunning and truthful examples of wine, sourcing the best vintners in Italy, and extending his insight and knowledge of fine wines to the professional and passionate. Here is the list of producers proudly represented in the Wonderful Wine portfolio, for international markets all over the world.
• La Rasina (Toscani, Italy)
• Nervi (Piedmont, Italy)
• Parusso (Piedmont, Italy)
• Pepi Lignana (Tuscany, Italy)
• Vestini Campagnano (Campania, Italy)
• Villa Montecastello (Tuscany & Alto Adige, Italy)
• Villa Pinciana (Campania, Italy)
• Villa Schinosa (Pulía, Italy)



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