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Sur Valles Wine Group

Survalles is one of the largest exporters of wine in Chile, with more than 50 years of experience in the wine industry. Our mission is to create respected brands that are favoured by consumers around the world, and to provide a high quality and integral service to our customers. We are dedicated to building a solid foundation of trust with our customers and to the constant modernisation and improvement of all our processes. This enables us to focus on being a sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible company.
Viña Requingua, which in Mapuche means ´Corner of the Winds’, traces its origins back to October 6th, 1961, when the vineyard was founded by Santiago Achurra Larraín and the story of the vineyard began.
• Toro De Piedra
• Potro De Piedra
• Santa Alba
• Patagón
• Patria Nueva
• Toro D’Oro
• Viento Norte



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