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Pure Wine Company | McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills

Pure Wine Co is privileged to have a portfolio of iconic brands that are among the best in the country. We are home to the iconic Yarra Yering, Kaesler, Stonehorse, Saint & Scholar, Mitchell Wines and many more leading and diverse producers. The Pure Wine Co team comprises of some of the best minds and people within the wine industry. Our dynamic and passionate team provides seamless and expectational levels of customer service and support to all its clients.
• Pete’s Pure Wine: | Murray Darling
The Southern Murray Darling region sits at the junction of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, and the most fertile regions in Australia, producing almost two-thirds of is one of the most Australia’s agricultural output. Ancient soils, abundant sunshine and warm, dry weather combine to make this a unique part of our country. We rely heavily on organic fertiliser and pest control, as well as using recycled material for our vine trellising. We strive to ensure we have the right levels of soil biodiversity and use natural products to help our vines thrive through the heat of summer.
Listed as 'Outstanding' in the sixth edition of Langton’s Classification Guide Kaesler vineyards were established in 1893 by Silesian immigrants - the hard work and dedication of these pioneers paved the way for the current owners – who after a worldwide search settled on this site to produce the best possible grapes for red wine. All wines bearing the Kaesler name are estate grown and made.
• Stonehorse by Kaesler – Barossa and Claire Valley
Stonehorse by Kaesler is a true reflection of regional diversity and blending creativity. Stonehorse wines are a collection of estate grown vineyards in the Barossa Valley and Clare Valley ranging in age from 15 to 45years. Currently the Stonehorse portfolio consists of Chardonnay, GSM, Malbec, Touriga and Shiraz with each regional blend of hand selected parcels shining through. Stonehorse wines provide the unique opportunity for winemakers Reid Bosward and Stephen Dew to blend grapes with different characteristics that complement and enhance the qualities of each region.
Saint and Scholar is a labour of love for Winemakers Stephen Dew and Reid Bosward, the eponymous saint and scholar of the label. Unlike the more traditional Barossa roots of Kaesler, Saint and Scholar is a young and fresh offering centered on 49ha of vineyards in the Adelaide Hills. Under Dew’s and Head Viticulturist Nigel van der Zande’s direction, in just a couple of years the label has undergone major expansion and now includes 10 varietals. This vintage sees a new premium reserve release and a sparkling. Saint and Scholar have opened a large cellar door retail outlet at iconic Adelaide Hills venue Maximilian’s.

Bartier Brothers | Okanagan Valley, BC
Bartier Bros. wines represent unique and precious Okanagan Valley attributes: purity, freshness, vibrancy, and above all, intensity. They present elegance and balance and strive to sit comfortably with top wines from anywhere.
“We’re from this Valley. We grew up here, we know it, we love it, we are a product of it, and we feel responsible to it. Our wines are an expression of the valley, being true to the language that can describe any aspect of the Okanagan; bright, fresh, refreshing, pristine, unspoilt, alive and so on . . .
Our ambition is to make great wines. Great wine can be found all over the world but it’s important for us not to merely copy those wines because by definition, great wine is unique and identifiable to its origin. Of course, great wine also by definition should be delicious. In the Okanagan Valley, we have a rare and precious combination of growing conditions; relatively high altitude, desert climate (hot days, cool nights), low humidity, tolerable winters from our moderating lakes, young soils lain over glacial till, and all of this occurs at a very high latitude from the equator. The Okanagan epitomizes all of the great qualities, which the entire global wine industry scrambles to define itself as being.”

13th Street Winery | Niagara, Ont.
13th Street Winery, founded in 1998, celebrates over twenty years of winemaking in Niagara! Originally started by four amateur winemaker friends the winery was purchased in 2008 by the current owners: John & June Mann and Doug & Karen Whitty.
13th Street Winery evolved from a desire to create exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of Niagara, while also providing a place for guests to congregate and escape; to relax and discover; and to experience and learn.
Both families have established roots in Niagara and a strong commitment to the community. Doug Whitty is the third generation to be operating the family farm in St. Catharines, which was originally established in 1908. John Mann has been involved in farming for over 30 years, while also building a very successful automotive dealership network in St. Catharines and the surrounding areas.



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