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Il Borro

The unique features of Il Borro and of the Val d’Arno territory have been the essential motivation on the part of Ferruccio and Salvatore Ferragamo since 1995, when they devoted themselves to the rebirth of viticulture at Il Borro. The Estate received organic certification in 2015 after a cycle of years during which progressive elimination of chemical fertilizers and pesticides was achieved. Thus, the estate became organic as well as a promoter of sustainability. Respect for the territory is at the center of the Estate’s philosophy achieved with the use of renewable energy sources and which make us an Estate with zero carbon dioxide emissions. The vineyards are cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture together with biodynamic procedures to increase production sustainability. At the basis of our organic-sustainable philosophy is the intention to create a closed productive cycle and to favor biodiversity through the creation of complex eco systemse



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