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Cellier de Bordeaux Benauges - Ducourt | Bordeaux

One of the most important things that we want to convey at Ducourt is a love of wine. For us, wine is not just a drink; it creates moments and memories. This involves both a love of live, of sharing, but also a certain amount of seriousness and humility.
Whether it’s red, white or rosé, most professionals and consumers agree that our wines are characterised by finesse, elegance, precision and flavour.
Rive Droite :
• Chateau des Demoiselles
• Château Jacques Noir
• Château Plaisance
Entre Deux Mers
• Château de Beauregarde Ducourt
• Château Briot
• Château Redon
• Château des Combes
• Château d’Haurets
• Château La Hargue
• Château La Rose du Pin
• Château la Rose Saint-Germain
• Château de Virecourt
Rive Gauche
• Château Larroque



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