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Château Gazin-Rocquencourt Rouge

Bouquet To the nose, aromas full of finesse with perfumes arising from crushed berries, pulp, mature fruits, as well as vanilla, grilled almonds and smoke. All these sensations are detected even when the wine is young. At the mature age, the bouquet becomes more amplified and concentrated in harmony. Consistancy - Fleshy on the pallet, thick, containing tannins which are generally very mature and concentrated. A little firm, occasionally austere in their youth, the wines soften with age: fruit tannins merge with oak, bringing openness and a smooth texture, a lot of boldness and spicy flavours. They leave a long lasting supple taste and a velvety richness






Red Table Wine

60% Cabernet-Sauvignon & 40% Merlot

Food Pairing:

All meat, game, foie gras and cheese. With older wines, avoid mixing with food containing spicy sauces, on the other hand, young wines can accommodate these very well.

Bordina - France


Bordeaux (Pessac-Leognan)

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